Thursday, January 7, 2010

Two Mall Spectacles

My sister and I went to the mall last week. Since Victoria's Secret is that they don't make a bra in my size I left that to her and went into Pottery Barn. When I came out and met up with her I was carrying this birdcage. The look on her face was hilarious. I said, "will you carry this for me?" and she laughed and promptly said, "no way!". I did garner many looks of confusion from other shoppers wondering why I decided to tote my birdless cage to the mall. Just when I thought I was a major spectacle we witnessed something that totally stole my thunder. Walking towards us was a man in dress slacks that had been cut off to be bootie shorts and a dress shirt with the sleeves cut off. Worst of all he was wearing black dress shoes and socks. We were gracious enough to wait the requisite amount of time after passing before we broke out into a peal of laughter.

The cage did get a makeover when I got home - from green to a dark charcoal grey.

And speaking of Pottery Barn when I saw this and the matching blackboard I went straight to the computer to order them and let me tell you they are more gorgeous in person than in the catalog. If Mr. Sweet comes home in a good mood they might make it on to the wall tonight.


connie said...

Thanks for supporting my company :)! You can score some good finds @ PB sometimes..they're into this vintage look lately! I've not seen the Rustic Wall Organizer before - love it. Not seen the bird cage before either. What a great eye you have.

Maryl said...

Love the story about the man who stole your thunder! That must have been quite a site to witness!

Anonymous said...

What is the mall coming too. That just might be the lastest trend,
I am wondering what are u planning to do wit the this cage. Put one of the Littles in there for a a time out perhaps? I am sure it will be cute.


Biren's Boo

and went down to Joanns and got myself a project to do.

Anonymous said...

Love the visual Lisa, LOL
Needed a good giggle for a Friday night! Have a great weekend!