Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Stitched Shade Side #1

Last summer I picked up this al fresco lamp shade at the flea market. A lady had it in her hand when I spotted it. "You don't want that old thing" I told her in my head. To my delight she reconsidered and plunked it back down. I reached right over and whipped it up. I guess I really did want it because after paying I turned to walk off and the vendor yelled, "don't you want your change?".

A couple of weeks ago I finally decided that I would hand stitch some panels to four of the eight sides. I really enjoyed this project. Stitching is addicting and for me, very relaxing. Just me, my needle and Marvin Gaye {...Mother, Mother, there's too many of you cryin...} Oh yes, back to the project...

To start I pulled out a big sheet of deli paper and placed the lamp on it's side. I traced the inside of one of the panels and cut out my template {I drew an additional two inches to the top and bottom of the template before I cut it so that the panel could be wrapped around the top and bottom of the shade}. I then cut eight pieces of muslin. Each panel required two pieces. One for the front to stitch on and one for the back to sew to the front to hide my handiwork.

On this first side I simply wrote the word Vintage out using my disappearing ink pen {used for quilting}. Using rose colored thread I stitched out the word and added a paper button at the top and a shell button to dot my i.

I'll be back tomorrow to show you side two.

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connie said...

Nice stitching and love how you turn an old find into something so precious. Can't wait to see it finished.