Thursday, January 14, 2010

Stitched Shade Side #2

This little dolly in a pocket might look vaguely familiar...I had this on a canvas and decided to move her, pocket and all, to one of the panels. I painted the canvas bird a light yellow, added some music paper and then created a nest out of ribbon and embroidery thread. This is my favorite of the four panels.

I'm sweet on the brad maker by Chatterbox. It comes with brads in three sizes along with punches to create the centers. You can use paper, a photo...whatever you want. It was really easy to make a snip in the fabric and fasten it on.

See you tomorrow with panel #3!


dottie angel said...

hi lisa,

just dropping by to say a belated "thank you most kindly" for my lovely yarn that arrived a few days back. you got the colors spot on and i was so touched that you should send me something to keep me going through my handcrafted thrifty year :)

i have added them to my yarn cupboard where they are amongst friends, waiting for their moment to shine...

your lampshade is lovely, truly very pretty...

thanks again for thinking of me and your generosity!
have a lovely peachy weekend
Tif x

Maryl said...

Lisa, you are so talented! I love how your lamp shade is coming together...amazing!

Jennifer Priest said...

Sooo cool! I would love to have some of these hanging in my house ;) Just from the ceiling for fun!