Saturday, October 9, 2010

Creative Class!

Today I taught a private class for 3 sweet friends. Take a look at the mannequins they made...

Each one turned out so different. Check out the loot on those girls! After that class we made gigantic spools. This was a really fun class. Again, they're all different. Check out the one made by Debbbie that is Halloween themed.

I haven't forgotten about sharing my flea market finds with you. I got a new computer this week and it took a little minute to get everything set up. I LOVE it! I traded my Mac for a new PC. The Mac was great but I just never found the time to figure it all out.

I have been wanting to make some green faced witches with my Character Construction stamps all week long. After my nephews homecoming game tonight I think I'll come home and stamp a few with my 4 year old.

1 comment:

valerie said...

The spools are Too Cute! I love the extra embellishments and ribbon around the center.