Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fab Flea Market Finds - Part 2

This gaggle of millinery flowers was an exciting find. I'm just thrilled with the super big reddish/pink one.

This old tin is sweet and could only be used for 100 different things. Not sure what I'll store inside but it was too nice to pass up given my love of pretty storage.

Out of the hundreds of ornaments that I ran across and perused these are the ones that made it into my bag...{that made it sound like I five finger discounted them - I did pay for them first of course}...

I've been wanting one of these calendars for a long time. How cute is this? I could have sworn that I spun it to October 31st before adding it to a Halloween vignette in my studio. Tiny hands, that's probably what happened here...

A whimsical find, didn't really need it truth be told but look at the buttons I put in the drawer. Cute huh?

Totally not sure what this was for but you know how I love velvet worn items. This orange, collar holder?, had the faintest bit of velvet tufts left on it. It got some serious use people...

There were several other small finds but these were the highlights. I've got two projects in the works, soon I will post sneak peeks of both of them. I'm taking requests for the February classes that I listed last week so if you have something in mind that you'd like to do be sure and let me know!


Didi said...

Ooooo I love a good flea market and wow you found a REAL good one!
Love the Christmas goodies. I think I have a horn one like that and a bell.
I am also a sucker for cool storage...but dont think that means I am organized! LOL

Meri Wiley said...

Hi Lisa,

Great finds missy. I like the calendar, too. Your choice of christmas ornies is impeccable, very pretty. If you ever need to get rid of anything.......just ask for my address.....hint, hint!