Friday, October 1, 2010

A Meaningless Post

Last week my boss {and friend of almost 20 years} was invited to attend a luncheon given by a company that has been trying to pitch us a new phone system. He knows I love the italian restaurant they hosted it at so he told me to drive over and meet him. It was so fun, I crashed their luncheon, ate everything in sight and every once in a while I'd nod my head and look impressed. I must have done a great job at looking interested because he leaned over and said, "they probably think you're going to buy it"...and actually, we did. Anywho, after l escaped I stopped by Anthropologie on the way to the car. I picked up a great sweater and this adorable candle. Admittedly it doesn't smell fabulous but the presentation is great.

Oh, and a side note about the luncheon, I forgot to mention I was in nerd heaven! Of course I'm married {and not to a nerd I might add} but I've always had a thing for them...well not ALL of them, but you get my drift. In fact years ago I was in a college English class and I sat next to a cute nerd and I would fantasize about ripping his glasses off and running my fingers through his hair. Is that hilarious or what? He had NO idea. Anyway, should any of you be single and of the nerd persuasion consider hitting up a telephone/computer luncheon at random.

OK so it wasn't a very meaningful post but it was fun to blather.


Little Pink Studio said...

Hello, I just spotted your beautiful canvas in the new Somerset Life and thought I would stop by. You create beautiful things!
Love your shoe post below, and please let me know if you find that perfect flip flop alternative, will you?
Cerri xo

Anonymous said...

so u and ole Rust bucket hit the nerd show. So I dont really care for the candle you should make a candle out of scary baby doll head!
Can u imagine a dim light flickers threw her head. Anyhoo I sure hope you found a cute sweater to rock wit your nice new shoes.

xoxo Birens Boo.