Thursday, December 8, 2011

Button Cards

I was so happy to stumble upon these button cards by Etsy seller, CreativeSyzygy.  By now you're fully aware of the fact that I'm a button lover.  I spent some time pulling my favorites out and attaching them to the cards that in some cases hold 4 and in some cases hold 1 or 2. 

Some of them even have a shmancy hole at the top so that you can hang them.

I have to pick up some more of these, I don't know what I was thinking when I bought just one set.


Cindi said...

Oh I love these button cards. And I love those buttons of yours.

Anonymous said...

Thanx Lisa for sharing the ETSY store for these...I ordered 3 sets...can't wait to put some of my pretties on them!
Happy Holidays

Anonymous said...

Sorry forgot to sign name~~~
Laura H :)

sharon said...

I love your buttons, and all your vintage finds, and everything I see when I visit your blog! I sure wish i lived closer to attend one of your classes!