Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Fashion Explosion

Do you remember wearing everything that you got for Christmas -
at once?

Me too.


Anonymous said...

Oh my she looks simply TOO CUTE!!!
I love it all together.....
What a personality!
Happy New Year
Laura H

Cindi said...

Oh she looks FABULOUS!!! Love all the Harajuku stuff. Total fashionista. I need to get some fashion tips from her.

connie said...

omg! i love this post! she is too cute...

Debby ~ Romancing the Bling said...

Adorable and stylish! Happy New Year to you and your family! I feel official after reading the right side of your blog ~ February 18th...I can't wait! I did a blog posting with photo's this evening...stop by if you get the chance and say hello.

Let's talk soon.


Debra said...

How cute!
I sure do remember wearing everything that I got for Christmas all at once. She is just so glamed up!