Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Flea Market Review {Part II}

I didn't realize how much more I bought at Sunday's flea market that I didn't get to show you. 

I love these old plastic reindeer.  I passed up a bunch of them because I was specifically looking for the frosty pink ones with tinges of aqua.

I took more time this month to pick through paper, something I normally get bored with pretty quickly.  I found some great album frames, german scrap, french papers and pharmacy labels...

These itty bitty muffin tins were my find of the day.  They are from a childs baking set.  I didn't take a picture of the teeny utensils and rolling pins.  Each one of these fits in the palm of your hand.  Fabulous storage for little items and supplies. 

And the suppository tin....what can I say, it's the prettiest shade of olive green.  Nothing that a few paper scraps can't cover right?

I couldn't not buy these snowmen toothpicks.  Also in the same bunch were a bunch of santas, not quite as cute but hey, it's vintage honeycomb and what's not to love?  {P.S. Shawn, don't be sad, I have some of these put away for you}

Hmmm...compote purchases two months in a row.  I'm finding that I love these...

A delightful old box of colorful spools...

What's a Sugar Prune? I have no idea but I bought this stamp and have been calling my daughter that all week. She loves it.

This button card shaped like a shirt was too cute to pass up.

And last, I found more of these from the same guy that I bought them from last month. They're just scrumptious.

So that does it!  I have another fun find from an Etsy seller that I'll share with you tomorrow that I think you'll love.


cindi said...

As always you found some awesome stuff. It was great seeing you. Hopefully january will have some nice dry weather.

Heidi said...

Oh my goodness! So glad I found you thru Jen's Virtual Holiday House Party. I think we could be simpatico!

shawn street said...

Awesome honeycomb! You knew I would be all over that picture. Hee hee.

Ellie said...

Prune is a French word for “plum,” and means dried plum in English. It gets its name by being so sweet and highly flavored when ripe. Thus, a sugar prune.